Our base


To develop concepts and brand actions in order to promote long lasting and memorable moments for our clients and brands, in particular in the area of sports events organization.


To be a reference company recognized by our clients and by the community as the best option for events production and brand activation, with professionalism and compromise.


To conduct ourselves with total transparency and without measuring efforts to deliver the best to our clients. To innovate always, to look for long lasting partnerships, to respect and above all lookout for our clients values.

About Us

With over 10 years of experience in the Portuguese market alone we are a marketing and events production company with passion for our work. S4A was founded in 2006 in Portugal and quickly established partnership with companies in other countries in Europe and South America. Our motto is to produce unforgettable events without leaving aside the needs and goals of our partners and sponsors. To create, innovate and develop news concepts is part of our daily routine. We look not just to achieve our goals but to constantly improve at every new project. With a strategic insight on the market, planning and professionalism we develop and produce major sports events, brand activation and consulting in marketing strategy. We vibrate each time our clients reach their goals just like a competitor does when crossing the finish line. Recently, the sports by tlc has acquired the assets of S4A Events, reinforcing the presence on international sport events organization.


Paulo Leite

( General Manager S4A | COO sports by tlc )